Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I'm sorry for being inactive for the last 5 months. I never rounded up the end of last year or anything, but hopefully that will all change this year. I will be trying to post atleast once a week, but I have NCEA this year so we will see what happens. Personally I don't like the layout of Blogger anymore so I am considering a move to a new server. More on that next week.

But aside from that it is a new school year. We have many international students and some familiar faces attending South Otago High School this term. Through out the year I will post up their own peersonal accounts on school life and living in the Otago reigon. Last year our International Students did very well at the end of year Senior Prizegiving. Below is a picture of  Xenia Yau and Kelsey Yung from Hong kong receiving their awards.

Thank you everyone for your patiets. I have now decided that we just ain;t getting the ppublicty we are looking for through blogger. I will start the transistion to Tumblr and Facebook asap. I will see you all next week!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

International Day

Every year at South Otago High School we have a day completely devoted to the many other cultures around the world. It is a day to try and learn something new. At lunch times groups of students set up stalls and sell food from a chosen country. Also on International Day we hold a Muftiday where everybody dresses in clothing based on traditional clothes of another country. To see what International day is all about check out the pictures below.
Head Boy Hayden Gold checking out come food stalls

International students maning their stall

Japanese Stall

American Stall

Filipino Stall
South African Stall

The hall full of students trying something new

Saturday, 22 September 2012

German Exchange Student

Below are some photos of our recent Exchange student, Lassa, from Germany. Recently he went on the Year 12 Geography Snow Caving trip and Year 12 Physics Flight! A message from him to follow later.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cross Country

Today we held our annual cross country, the weather wasn't on our side with it being a bit soggy under foot, but that just added to the fun! There was a great turn out with people from all years turning up to compete for their house groups! This was a great warm up for the tournament teams who are off to tournament week in a fortnight. Pictures and results to follow...

Monday, 30 July 2012


The school’s annual senior ball (SNOB) was held on Friday night. A large number of parents, school supporters, staff and students worked together to make an excellent evening. I fortunately got to go along with 7 other Yr 10s as a Waiter for the night, the theme was 'Candy Land' and we got to see many fellow school mates all dressed up and looking amazing.Thank you for all your support. The evening was enjoyed by all.
SNOB Cutest couple: Caitlyn Gouman and Dion Shaw
Prince: Telford
Princess: Kobie Latta
King: Hayden Gold
Queen: Millie Shaw

Monday, 16 July 2012

Term 3

Wow, hasn't this year gone fast! Last term we had to say goodbye to Mr Simpson and Mr Leslie. While in today’s assembly we welcomed Mr King in place of Mr Leslie and Mr Douglas as Acting Principal until Mr Simpson’s replacement arrives; Joeann Hutt the Deputy Principle of Southland Boys in Invercargil.

This term we have a handfull of events in store, including: the SNOB, water sports, tournament week, Maori Language Week, exams, Yr 12 skiing, snow caving, and much more!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Deputy Principal Trip

Our Deputy Principal is making a trip to China & Hong Kong next week, he will be in Guangzhou between 30th-4th and Hong Kong between the 4th-9th, If you would like to meet with him; leave a comment or contact Mr Douglas on

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Gore Interchange

Yesterday we had our annual winter interchange with Gore High School. Well done to GHS for winning over all.

SOHS: South Otago High School
GHS: Gore High School

Girls: 21-0 GHS
Boys: 5-2 GHS

U14 0 - 57 SOHS
U 15 17-50 SOHS

Blue - 9A 16-24 SOHS
Green - 9B 14-18 GHS
Red - 10 Gold 18 - 6 GHS

Alpha - 10A 15 -14 SOHS
Beta - 10B 18 - 9 GHS
Gamma - 10 Blue 24 - 13 GHS

 41 - 30 SOHS

Boys - 8-2 GHS


More rersults coming soon.